BistroTender™ - Sous Vide Machine

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Achieving restaurant-quality results at home frequently poses a daunting challenge, with overcooked or unevenly prepared dishes being all too familiar. The secret lies in mastering the ideal temperature and timing for various ingredients, which may seem intricate and overwhelming. The frustration from these struggles may result in decreased confidence in the kitchen.

Discover BistroTender™, the innovative sous vide machine that elevates home cooking experiences. This advanced cooker utilizes 360° water bath tech and precise temperature control to ensure foods are cooked flawlessly every time. Experience immense satisfaction and pride in presenting exquisitely prepared meals, igniting a renewed passion for culinary exploration.




FLEXIBLE COOKING - BistroTender™ expertly handles a variety of ingredients, from meats and fish to vegetables, expanding culinary possibilities. Delve into new recipes, discover exciting flavor pairings, and spark a love for home cooking, turning mealtime into unforgettable experiences.

✅ 360° CONSTANT TEMP - Utilizing 3D heating and 360° water circulation, BistroTender™ cooks with constant temperature and evenly distributed heat. Savor in creating tasty, perfectly prepared dishes that highlight the true art of sous vide cuisine and proudly share flavorful meals.


BistroTender™ - 360° Constant Temp


INTUITIVE TOUCH SCREEN - Featuring a simple and intuitive touch screen, BistroTender™ effortlessly enables temperature and time adjustments for exceptional precise cooking. Enjoy the feeling of simplicity while selecting settings with just a few simple taps then letting BistroTender™ handle the rest.

PRECISE TEMP CONTROL - With a powerful 1800W rapid heating element, BistroTender™ ensures efficiency and precise temperature control from 77-203°F for consistently delicious meals. Enjoy hands-free cooking, freeing up more time to create and savor perfectly cooked dishes.


BistroTender™ - Precise Temperature Control


FOOD GRADE & IPX7 - BistroTender™ is constructed with food-grade plastic and stainless steel and features an IPX7 waterproof rating, ensuring durability, safety, and hygiene. Delight in worry-free sous vide cooking experiences, confident that the device is built to last and protect culinary creations.


How To Use BistroTender™


BistroTender™ - Intuitive Touch Screen Controls


✳️ Mount BistroTender™ to pot
✳️ Add protein in a food-grade bag
✳️ Set temperature and time
✳️ Let BistroTender™ do the rest


We understand that trying to create restaurant-quality meals at home can be daunting, as perfecting the temp and cooking time involves lots of trial and error. The sinking feeling when that romantic dinner falls short because of overcooked filet mignon can be demoralizing. Studies show 65% of home chefs wrestle with consistency, leading to frustration and disheartenment.

BistroTender™ is the perfect sous vide machine for overcoming culinary obstacles and enhancing cooking skills. It offers precise temperature control, fast heating, and 360° water circulation, guaranteeing consistent, restaurant-quality results at home. Savor the gratification and pride from crafting mouthwatering, impeccably prepared dishes with the help of BistroTender™.




➡️ Color: Black
➡️ Matl: Food Grade PP, Stainless Steel
➡️ Power: 1800W 50/60Hz
➡️ Temp Range: 0°F - 212°F
➡️ Waterproof: IPX7
➡️ Input Power: AC110-220V
➡️ Dimensions: 15.35in x 4.33in x 2.35in


What’s Inside

✳️ Sous Vide Machine
✳️ Instruction Manual
✳️ Restaurant Quality Cuisine


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