Musheez™ - Cloud Slides

“These slippers were super cute from the moment I laid eyes on them. They complete my comfortable PJs and are my favorite things to get home from work to. My feet feel like they are on clouds with these on, and they look even better than the pictures. I highly suggest getting them. They’re awesome!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Muriel Watts
Verified Buyer

Being on the go or standing all day can be a painful, uncomfortable experience. After a grueling day of work, errands, and chasing kids, feet feel achy with legs swollen and stiff. Exhausted and frustrated, it seems there's no way to find relief from such persistent pain.

Introducing Musheez™ Cloud Slides, the go-to solution for max comfort and relief from pain and swelling. Crafted from high-quality EVA foam, these lightweight slides provide a soft, flexible, supportive, and breathable fit. Enjoy life pain-free, with cloudlike comfort!




SUPER SOFT - Musheez™ are made from high-quality EVA, BPA-free foam. Enjoy the feeling of walking on clouds as pain floats away.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Musheez™ cradles and supports the foot's natural shape. Cuddled feet move easily yet feel unconstricted, relaxed, and pain-free.

Musheez™ Ergonomic Fit

COOL AND BREATHABLE - Walking encourages airflow, allowing fresh air to circulate through the slide. Enjoy all-day cooling comfort without hot, sweaty feet!

ANTI SLIP - Carefully designed soles provide a better grip on wet and slippery surfaces. Walk around the pool or spa safely, without worry.

Musheez™ Anti-Slip Soles

PLAYFUL COLORS - Upgrade boring, worn-out house shoes to unique and trendy Musheez™! Featuring pink, yellow, purple, white, and black for the guys!


Musheez™ Playful and Comfortable


We understand the pain and exhaustion of being constantly on the go - those achy feet, swollen legs, and stiff back that make it hard to enjoy anything after a long day. It's not uncommon for people leading hectic lifestyles to feel worn down and frustrated from a lack of relief from such persistent pain. According to HealthInAging, 75% of Americans will experience foot problems in their lives.

Musheez™ are the ideal, fashionable solution for nurturing achy, tired, swelling feet. When wearing, feet are surrounded by a comforting cushion of cloudlike support that relieves pressure and pain for maximum relaxation. Enjoy greater energy and a newfound sense of comfort - try them today to experience the true joys of walking on clouds!


How To Measure The Foot

1) Get a pen or pencil, paper, and a ruler.
2) Stand over the paper, and place foot on it.
3) Trace the shape of the foot onto the paper.
4) Measure the width and length of the outline.
5) Refer to the sizing chart and order Musheez™!


Size Chart

Women Men UK EU
6-6.5 5-5.5 4-5 36-37
7-8 6-7 6-6.5 38-39
8.5-9 7.5-8 6.5-7 40-41
9.5-10 8.5-9 7.7-8 42-43
10.5-11 9.5-10 9.5-10 44-45


🚩 Choose a size lower if the foot is thin and narrow.
🚩 Choose a size larger if the foot is wide and thick.
🚩 Black Musheez™ comes without a smiley face.



➡️ EVA material
➡️ Colors: Pink, Yellow, Purple, White, Black


What’s Inside

✳️ 1 pair of Musheez™
✳️ Cloud like comfort


Happiness Guarantee


At benefichal, we prioritize quality, so you can rest assured that you receive only the best when you purchase from us. We back this commitment up with our no-questions-asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that all purchases are 100% risk-free!


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