RiseOnTime™ - Sunrise Alarm Clock

"Does everything it says it will flawlessly! The light has a wide range of brightness settings and colors and functions flawlessly as an alarm, a sleep aid, a lamp, and a clock. Can’t recommend this enough!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Suvi Koskinen
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Struggling to wake up feeling refreshed and energized can be very frustrating. The ongoing struggle with harsh alarms, unhealthy sleep patterns, and groggy mornings often leads to a desperate search for a better way to start the day. This draining sleep cycle impacts daily activities and creates a long-lasting emotional toll by robbing vital sleep and resulting in exhaustion.

Discover RiseOnTime™, the innovative sunrise alarm clock transforming waking experiences and sleep quality. Simulating a natural sunrise with increasing light intensity and soothing soundscapes aligns with circadian rhythms for gentle, refreshing wakeups. Embrace relaxing, deeper sleep, revitalized mornings, better productivity, and enhanced well-being.




8 SOOTHING SOUNDS - Indulge in tranquil sleeping and calm awakenings with the soothing sounds offered by RiseOnTime™. Begin each day relaxed and ready for any of life's adventures.

GRADUAL SUNRISE - Gently awaken as RiseOnTime™ mimics a natural sunrise with gradually increasing light. Feel refreshed and energized every morning, and experience uplifted well-being.


RiseOnTime™ - Simulated Sunrise


CIRCADIAN BALANCE - Improve sleep quality and sleep-wake regulation by harmonizing with circadian rhythms, thanks to RiseOnTime™. Experience more energy and a healthier lifestyle.

WIRELESS CHARGING - RiseOnTime™ features a wireless 15W fast charging base to keep phones ready to go. Enjoy the convenience of cord-free charging and effortlessly power up anytime.

RiseOnTime™ - Bluetooth HiFi Speaker


✅ BLUETOOTH SPEAKER - Featuring a Bluetooth 5.0 HiFi speaker, RiseOnTime™ delivers superior audio during music and soundscapes. Dance, relax or sleep with immersive and clear sound.

✅ APP & VOICE - RiseOnTime™ works with Alexa and Google Assistant and features an easy-to-use app for setting alarms, lighting, and sounds. Create and enjoy a happy environment with ease.


RiseOnTime™ Feature Packed


We understand the value of restful sleep and an uplifting morning routine for a positive day. Waking up groggy from sleepless nights and jolted awake by harsh alarms isn't a good way to start the day. Shockingly, 50 to 70 million people face sleep disorders, highlighting the need for an innovative solution to enhance sleep quality and help promote refreshing mornings.

RiseOnTime™ offers restful sleep and revitalized mornings tailored for unique sleep-wake needs. The advanced clock blends light and sound, syncing with natural circadian rhythms, enhancing sleep quality and enabling gentle, refreshed wakeups. Discover a renewed world with RiseOnTime™, as mornings begin with recharged energy, focus, and a remarkable sense of well-being.


RiseOnTime™ Easy to Use



➡️ Color: White
➡️ Material: ABS, PC, Metal
➡️ Connection: WiFi (2.4G) Bluetooth 5.0
➡️ Controls: Button, App, Voice
➡️ Adapter: 24W (12V-2A), DC input
➡️ Dimensions: 5"D x 8.5"W x 7"H


What’s Inside

✳️ Sunrise Alarm Clock
✳️ Instruction Manual
✳️ Power Adapter
✳️ A Great Night's Rest


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