NightSpec IR™ - Night Vision Goggles

"If you’re looking for a night vision product at any price you can’t go wrong with this product. I was so amazed with its ability to see on the lowest level light setting that it has! I was astounded"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Kim Barrett
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Navigating the nocturnal wilderness without an effective night vision device is a challenging and tiring endeavor. Limited light conditions often result in missed encounters with mysterious and intriguing animals, turning potential highlights into moments of defeat. Continuously struggling against the veil of the night creates a lingering sense of frustration, dampening the thrill of nocturnal wildlife exploration.

Unveiling NightSpec IR™, a true game-changer in night vision technology. Equipped with a powerful 3x optical and 4x digital zoom, an 850nm infrared LED light, photo, and video capture, and a crisp 2.7-inch HD LCD screen, these goggles illuminate the nocturnal world, offering detailed views of wildlife even in complete darkness. Experience a deep connection while uncovering diverse nocturnal wildlife secrets.




CMOS IMAGE SENSOR - Discover a whole new level of detail with NightSpec IR™, equipped with a multi-coated 24mm lens and a revolutionary CMOS image sensor. Enjoy hi-def, clear wildlife spotting, turning nighttime exploration into immersive encounters.

850nm INFRARED LED - Rule the night with NightSpec IR™, furnished with an 850nm infrared LED light and seven brightness settings. Enjoy a customized, crisp, detailed view even in the deepest darkness, transforming adventures into thrilling experiences.


NightSpec IR™ - Crystal Clear Imaging


HD LCD DISPLAY - Plunge into the world after dark with NightSpec IR's 2.7-inch LCD screen, intuitively designed for immediate image and video review and easy setting adjustments. Experience effortless fingertip control, elevating nighttime exploration to new heights.

OPTICAL & DIGITAL ZOOM - Unearth unseen details with NightSpec IR™, armed with 3x optical and 4x digital zoom, spanning distances as far as 986 feet. Experience the thrill as the optics bring wildlife details closer, creating a fantastic nocturnal encounter.


NightSpec IR™ - IPX56 and Digital Zoom


IPX56 WATERPROOF - With an IPX56 waterproof rating, NightSpec IR™ is designed to bravely weather against the elements. Navigate through every adventure with an unshaken sense of freedom, the thrill of exploration unhindered by any weather surprises.


NightSpec IR™ Easy Access Finger Control


We understand the intense yearning to uncover nocturnal mysteries and the frustration when low light conditions obscure precious moments. It's deflating when in the midst of night exploration, a rare creature is just beyond visible reach due to insufficient light. Remembering that 70% of wildlife activity happens in the cloak of night, a night vision device becomes an undeniable necessity for nocturnal wildlife enthusiasts.

NightSpec IR™ stands as the ideal tool for overcoming the challenges of nocturnal exploration, empowered by its infrared capabilities. Equipped with intuitive zoom, weather resilience, and the option to capture photos and videos, it enhances wildlife observation like never before. Experience the surge of exhilaration and a profound connection to the animal kingdom, all brought into vivid detail by NightSpec IR™.




➡️ Color: Black
➡️ Dim: 10.24" x 7.91" x 3.58"
➡️ Weight: 20.6oz
➡️ Range: 24mm Lens, 986ft / 300m
➡️ Mag: 3x Opt, 4x Dig, 850nm IR LED
➡️ Res: Photo 1280x960p, Video 30fps
➡️ Screen: 2.31" HD LCD
➡️ Waterproof: IPX56


What’s Inside

✳️ Night Vision Goggles
✳️ Carrying Case
✳️ USB Cable
✳️ 32G SD Card
✳️ Neck Strap
✳️ Lens Cloth
✳️ Instruction Manual


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