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“Very nice backpack, just like the picture. The quality is excellent and very comfortable. You have to adjust all sides of the backpack, which gives greater safety for you and your pet.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Benjamin Luettgen
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Seeing a pup struggling and suffering in a poorly designed, ill-fitting backpack is a gut-wrenching experience. The lack of safety features like proper ventilation, a leash clip, and leg support can risk the pet’s well-being. The joy of outdoor adventures, meant to be moments of bonding and fun, can quickly turn into frustration and disappointment.

Woofpack™ dog backpack is a safe and functional addition for all sorts of canine adventures! Its durable Oxford fabric, large mesh vents, leash clip, padded support, and adjustable straps provide pups with safe, comfortable, ride-along fun. Explore the great outdoors together with ease and confidence, making every journey memorable.




LIGHT & DURABLE - Woofpack™ is made with Oxford fabric and is light and durable, making it water-resistant, washable, breathable, and comfortable. Adventure confidently with doggo, knowing this backpack will withstand the most challenging terrain.

SAFETY FEATURES - The pup's safety is enhanced with a footrest for stability, a D-ring leash clip to prevent jumping, and a yellow emergency whistle built into the buckle for added protection. Enjoy the freedom of worry-free outdoor adventures with added peace of mind.


Woofpack™ Safety Features


MESH WINDOWS - With large vented windows on both sides, the Woofpack™ dog backpack continuously provides maximum ventilation and airflow, even on the hottest days. Immerse yourself in the joy of observing a happy, relaxed, and cool doggo throughout the journey.

PADDED STRAPS - Adjustable, extra thick, reflective shoulder straps provide long-lasting comfort and safety for all body types on any journey. Indulge in extended outdoor adventures without discomfort or strain, and revel in the overall experience's enhanced quality.


Woofpack™ Padded Straps & Mesh Windows


DRAWSTRING POCKETS - With three convenient drawstring pockets with toggle stoppers, storing small items like toys, treats, waste bags, and water bottles has never been easier. Say goodbye to frustrating pocket searches and carrying extra bags!


How to measure for Woofpack™

Woofpack™ Measurement Chart

🚩 Measure the dog before purchasing
🚩 Do not guess the size
🚩 Do not choose size based on weight
🚩 Size may vary by +/- 0.79 in (2cm)

We empathize with the distress of a pup struggling in an ill-fitting backpack during outdoor adventures. Imagine the disappointment of having an adventure cut short due to a poorly designed dog backpack causing discomfort and stress. Research shows that 75% of pet owners have experienced similar challenges due to insufficient pet carriers.

Woofpack™ is the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts who want to prioritize safety and comfort during canine adventures. With superior airflow, leash clip, leg support, and ample storage, this backpack offers carefree adventures. Feel exhilarated exploring the outdoors, knowing the doggo is happily riding along in Woofpack™!

WoofPack™ Comfort and Safety


➡️ Color: Grey, Black, Blue
➡️ Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
➡️ Material: Oxford Fabric, Mesh, Waterproof Liner
➡️ Buckles: Side Release POM
➡️ Care: Hand wash, Air Dry


What’s Inside

✳️ 1 Woofpack™
✳️ A Furry Friend


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