EazyStream™ - Bluetooth Car Adapter

“Works really well with clear audio transmission. Unit is nice and compact, with buttons that are easy to use and a nice clear screen. Well worth the low price if you have a radio without Bluetooth.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Samuel Taylor
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Without a vehicle's Bluetooth sound system, selecting a favorite playlist, answering calls, or following directions is hard when driving busy streets. Driving demands focus and attention, especially in traffic, leaving no time to take eyes off the road to look down to fumble with a phone and cause an accident!

EazyStream™ Bluetooth Car Adapter works with any mobile device to stream music clearly, make calls, and use voice navigation. The vehicle's sound system is easily paired and upgraded using Bluetooth 5.3 technology, bringing high-quality music streaming, hands-free calling, navigation, and a safer drive.




BLUETOOTH 5.3 UPGRADE - Enjoy clear streaming music, hands-free phone calls, and voice navigation safely while driving. An affordable upgrade to any car, truck, boat, or RV without a Bluetooth audio system.

IMMERSIVE SOUND - EazyStream™ boosts the high-quality sound of any mobile device through the vehicle’s sound system. Experience a stress-free drive surrounded by clear, base-heavy, streaming music.


EazyStream™ Immersive Sound


PLUG AND PLAY - Simply plug in EazyStream™, tune it to an FM station, then pair it using Bluetooth and begin streaming. Get that playlist bumping quickly with an effortless connection and fun, convenient operation.

THREE PORT CHARGER - EazyStream™ features three USB fast charging ports for uninterrupted multi-device power. Put that playlist on repeat and enjoy a long road trip without ever feeling low battery anxiety again.


EazyStream™ Triple USB Fast Charger


DASHBOARD MOUNT - EazyStream™ securely attaches to the dashboard or vent for easy access, viewing, and operation. Sturdy eye-level mounting encourages safer, less distracted, and more enjoyable driving experiences.


EazyStream™ Dashboard Mounted


It’s Eazy To Use EazyStream™

✅ Plug into the vehicle’s power outlet.
✅ Mount at eye level using the two-sided tape or air vent clip.
✅ Tune the vehicle's radio to the recommended FM station.
✅ Match EazyStream™ to the same FM station.
✅ Go to the device's Bluetooth settings and tap to connect.
✅ Enjoy the music and hands-free calling.


We understand the frustration and struggle of driving in traffic. It can be stressful and distracting, juggling between looking up and down to select a favorite playlist, answering calls, or following directions. According to the NHTSA, nearly 1 million accidents occur annually due to distracted drivers.

Fall in love with driving again, get that music bumping, catch up on phone calls, and arrive on time. Stream music, use the phone, and navigate hands-free to enjoy the journey without worry. Relax, stay connected, and focus on what really matters, getting where you're going safely and comfortably.




➡️ Bluetooth 5.3
➡️ Power 12V-24V
➡️ LED Lights
➡️ FM Transmitter - 87.5-108.0 MHz Range
➡️ 2 USB QC3.0 18W
➡️ 1 USB PD 30W Type-C
➡️ TF Card Slot Up To 64GB
➡️ AUX Out for Car In
➡️ Size 2.4in x 2.2in x 1.0in


What’s Inside

✳️ EazyStream™ Bluetooth Transmitter
✳️ 3.5mm Aux Audio Cable
✳️ Air Vent Clip
✳️ Double-sided tape
✳️ 1 User Manual


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