StretchMyToes™ - Toe Spacers (3 Pairs)

“Extremely happy with the purchase. I wear high heels on a daily basis and use these when I get home to rest my toes. Truly a lifesaver!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Anne Michaels
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Years of wearing tight shoes, like high heels, can result in chronic foot pain and toe deformity, limiting movement and activities. Bunions, hammer toe, foot tendonitis, overlapping toes, and balance issues caused by wearing these shoes can create immense discomfort. This can cause hopelessness when experiencing limited mobility, deformed feet, and debilitating pain.

StretchMyToes™ is a foot health tool that naturally realigns toes to gently relieve pain and improve mobility, toe alignment, and balance. It safely stretches the toe muscles, tendons, and ligaments affected by hammer toe, bunions, overlapping toes, and bursitis. Experience relief with realigned toes, mobility, and confidence with naturally shaped feet.




MULTI PURPOSE - Use during yoga, pilates, pedicures, lounging, and even bedtime. StretchMyToes™ can be worn throughout the day for faster relief and restored toe alignment.

ERGO SPACERS - Specially designed toe-spacers gently and safely stretch the tendons and ligaments in the toes and forefoot. Enjoy improved foot health, and relax achy feet after a long day.


Gently Realign Toes


GENDER NEUTRAL - Designed in popular colors to appeal to everyone. Clear, blue, pink, and tan are fun and easy to match with Yoga and gym apparel, casual wear, and pajamas!

MEDICAL GRADE - Made with ultra-soft, durable, BPA-free medical-grade gel. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that StretchMyToes™ are comfortable and safe for sensitive skin.


Medical Grade Gel

EASY TO CLEAN - StretchMyToes™ are washable and reusable. Easy to clean with just soap and water and quick drying for fresh, hygienic daily use.


StretchMyToes™ Clear


How To Use StretchMyToes™

✳️ If needed, wet with a bit of water for easier fitting.
✳️ Start with 10 minutes of usage and gradually increase the time as you adjust.

🚩 Diabetes, diminished sensation, or reduced circulation in the feet warrants advice against using StretchMyToes™.
🚩 Consult a healthcare provider before using.


We understand the pain felt due to foot issues like bunions, plantar fasciitis, and embarrassing hammer or overlapping toes. It can be difficult to stay active and enjoy life when feet cause so much pain. According to medical research, over 50% of people will experience some degree of foot pain in their lifetime, with around 25% being caused by bunions alone.

StretchMyToes™ is an excellent solution for improving foot health and reducing pain and discomfort. Designed to gently realign toes, reduce pain, strengthen muscles, correct joint issues, improving balance and posture. Once again, enjoy walking, yoga class, and dancing, or wear those new high heels without worry with StretchMyToes™!


StretchMyToes™ Wear During Yoga



➡️ Medical Grade BPA-Free, Gel
➡️ Colors: Blue, Pink, Clear, and Tan


What’s Inside

✳️ 3 pairs of StretchMyToes™ (3PK)
✳️ Heaven for the toes


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