SwingSight Pro™ - Golf Range Finder

"This device is pretty freaking awesome. It's digital and rechargeable. I love the convenience of it. I tried it out in the golf range and I was impressed with the readings. It's an A++++ for me!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Anthony Gonzoles
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Exploring the world of golf range finders for one that provides accurate yardages within budget can be daunting and tiring. Inaccurate distance readings often lead to poor club choices, resulting in higher scores and reduced game performance. Not finding an accurate range finder to boost game strategy results in feeling frustrated and worn out.

Introducing SwingSight Pro™, the game-changing golf range finder. Armed with advanced laser technology and top-notch optics, this range finder delivers precise distance measurements for informed club choices and improved shot accuracy. Revel in the satisfaction of consistently lowering scores and taking golf skills to new heights.





PRECISION & ACCURACY - SwingSight Pro™ offers an innovative flagstick lock for easy identification and advanced laser technology for yardages within +/-0.5 yards. Boost confidence with improved course management and achieve lower golf scores.

SLOPE MEASURE & 2 MODES - With slope measurement to optimize club choices and both tournament and training modes, SwingSight Pro™ enhances gameplay for all skill levels. Experience increased proficiency while mastering every shot on every hole.


SwingSight Pro™ - Precision and Accuracy

6X MAG & 1200 YARDS - SwingSight Pro™ boasts powerful 6x magnification, ensuring clear visuals and effortless target identification up to 1200 yards. Enjoy consistent improvement and the thrill of nailing each shot with enhanced and accurate sighting

TOUCH SCREEN & 32 HOURS - With an HD LCD color touch screen for seamless navigation, SwingSight Pro™ features a long-lasting, rechargeable battery that lasts up to 32 hours. Enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted immersive experience throughout every round

SwingSight Pro™ - Touch Screen Display

DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Enjoy enduring performance with SwingSight Pro™, featuring IP54 water resistance, fog-proof protection, and a compact design. Play confidently in any weather, appreciating the convenience and comfort of this hi-tech range finder.


SwingSite Pro™  Pro-Level Performance

We understand that refining golf skills becomes a challenge without precise distances on the course. Experiencing shots that overshoot the green or fall short due to yardage uncertainty is disheartening. A recent survey indicates that 83% believe accurate distance information plays a significant role in lowering golf scores.

SwingSight Pro™ is the ideal range finder for overcoming challenges and elevating performance. Providing precise measurements and user-friendly features, it enables informed club choices and improved course management. Feel the accomplishment and pride with consistently lower scores, all thanks to SwingSight Pro™.




➡️ Color: White, Black
➡️ Dimensions: 4.2in x 2.7in x 1.6in
➡️ Weight: 6.6oz
➡️ Range: 1200yds
➡️ Magnification: 6X
➡️ Accuracy ±0.55yds


What’s Inside

✳️ Laser Range Finder
✳️ Molded Carrying Case
✳️ USB Charging Cable
✳️ Carabiner and Lanyard
✳️ Lens Cloth
✳️ Instruction Manual


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