K9Tactix™ - Tactical Dog Harness (5pc)

“Really good value quality harness. Our 6 month old GSD doesn’t pull as much wearing the harness and when he does, it’s not as straining on the arms. Would definitely recommend.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Dom Fernandez
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Finding a versatile, durable secure-fitting dog harness can be frustrating and daunting. With improper design and fit, dogs may experience chafing, choking, overheating, and even slipping out of the harness, leading to potential safety concerns. The challenges of acquiring a high-quality harness that meets a dog's specific needs can be confusing, leading to a sense of overwhelm.

K9Tactix™ is a high-quality tactical dog harness bundle with versatility, security, and comfort. Offering durable military-grade construction, a modular and versatile MOLLE storage system, and an adjustable fit, ensuring safe experiences for any dog. Time spent walking, hiking, and training becomes more bonding, and fun adventures are enjoyable and worry-free.




✅ MILITARY GRADE - K9Tactix™ is built with military-grade 1050D ballistic nylon, providing unmatched strength and durability. Feel confident and secure knowing this tactical harness can handle powerful breeds and endless years of demanding activities.

✅ MOLLE AND PALS - K9Tactix™ comes designed with MOLLE and PALS bundled with color-matched gadgets and utility pouches, a water bottle holder, and a tactical bungee leash. Experience next-level convenience and organization, and be prepared to conquer any activity.


K9 Tactix™ Molle System


✅ EFFORTLESS FIT - With four quick-release buckles, adjustable straps, and a top control handle, the harness easily fits many different breeds. Save time and hassle with this easy on-and-off harness while maximizing control and mobility.

✅ LOAD TESTED - With reinforced box-X stitching, lightweight metal buckles and D-rings are rigorously load-tested, ensuring superior safety and security during training and activities. Rest assured, knowing this harness won't give out when it's needed the most.


K9Tactix™ Load Tested Construction


✅ BREATHABLE LINER - A padded mesh lining ensures superior ventilation and airflow, preventing overheating and chafing during intense activities. Enjoy endless outdoor fun for extended periods, knowing K9Tactix™ is cooling and comfortable for any active dog.


How to measure for K9Tactix™


K9Tactix™ Measurement Chart


🚩 Measure the dog before purchasing
🚩 Do not guess the size
🚩 Do not choose size based on weight


We understand the challenge of finding a functional, secure-fitting, comfortable dog harness that is versatile and durable. Improper fit and poor design can cause dogs to overheat, choke and slip out of the harness, unnecessarily jeopardizing safety. Over 70% of harnesses on the market today are ill-fitting and lack the necessary features to ensure strength, adaptability, optimum safety, and comfort.

K9Tactix™ tactical harness is the perfect choice for any dog breed and activity, offering durability, comfort, control, and safety. Military-grade, load-tested construction and MOLLE/PAL versatility provide a breathable, secure fit and lifelong durability to tackle any obstacle. Enjoy exciting experiences and a stronger canine connection, and create lasting memories during any adventure with K9Tactix™!


K9Tactix™ Fits Many Breeds



➡️ Styles: Black Ops, Camouflage, Desert Tan, Olive Drab
➡️ Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
➡️ Material: 1050D Military Grade Nylon
➡️ Buckles: Lightweight Metal and POM
➡️ MOLLE and PALS Systems


What’s Inside

✳️ Tactical Dog Harness
✳️ Tactical Bungee Leash
✳️ MOLLE Admin Pouch
✳️ MOLLE Gadgets Pouch
✳️ MOLLE Water Bottle Holder


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