LiftUpz™ - Height Increase Insoles (3 Pairs)

"Not noticeable and no awkward walking and great cushioning. I can now stand confidently at a strong 5'10 all day, every day."
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Chris Maddox
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Height insecurity is a common struggle, but few feel comfortable discussing it. Enjoying daily activities, sports, or being in crowds amongst taller peers can be very annoying. This can lead to frustration and even trigger low self-esteem, taking the fun out of many of life's experiences.

LiftUpz™ height increase insoles offer a quick, discreet, comfortable way to boost height. The insoles fit perfectly into most shoe styles without the insole slipping inside, creating the desired height. Wearing LiftUpz™ makes activities and crowds more enjoyable and frustration-free!




3 Height Levels – LiftUpz™ comes in three different height levels .40", .80", and 1.20". Insert the insole into any shoe for any occasion to instantly become taller and look slimmer.

Shock Absorption – LiftUpz™ are constructed with medical-grade gel and TPU materials for superior shock absorption. These insoles provide pure relief from daily foot and ankle fatigue.


LiftUpz™ Shock Absorbing Pad


U-Shape Heel Cup - A firm and flexible U-shaped design cups the heel to stabilize ankles. Enjoy a brisk walk, run, and more power at the gym without the concern of an ankle roll.

Anti Slip - A self-adhesive cross-cut gel pad prevents movement in the shoe when walking. Stride with peace of mind and confidence, knowing the insole is secure and won't slip.


LiftUpz™ Anti-Slip Gel Pad


Fits Most Shoes - LiftUpz™ fits a wide range of stylish men's and women's shoe sizes. Enjoy buying and wearing sneakers, high tops, loafers, and boots without hesitation, and LiftUpz™ will fit!



We understand the unique challenges that come with being shorter in stature. Staring at the back of heads during a concert or jumping to reach the top shelf is so inconvenient! Studies show 93% of those who use height-increase insoles report improved quality of life during daily activities.

LiftUpz™ is the perfect solution to boost height and self-confidence instantly. The days of standing on tiptoes to reach the top shelf or trying to see the game or concert through the heads are gone! It's never been easier to enjoy all of the activities previously hindered by size while wearing LifftUpz™ insoles!



➡️ Medical Grade BPA-Free Gel, TPU Silicone
➡️ 3 Sizes .40", .80", and 1.20"


What's Inside

✳️ 3 pairs of LiftUpz™
✳️ 1 pair .40" height
✳️ 1 pair .80" height
✳️ 1 pair 1.20" height


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