RejuvaBeam™ - LED Light Therapy

"This LED light therapy is awesome. It works super well and has no issues. I use it a few times a week for anti aging, detoxing, and calming my skin. I also use the infrared for cramps, I can put it over my stomach as well. Love this."
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Nicole Salazar
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Dealing with skin problems can be a frustrating and isolating experience, especially when bombarded with a sea of products promising to solve skin issues. One of the biggest challenges is finding effective and affordable skin care treatments, as many remedies can be costly and may not provide the desired results. This overwhelming journey to find a solution can feel helpless, socially isolated, and emotionally drained, impacting self-esteem and confidence.

RejuvaBeam™ is the revolutionary LED light therapy device that targets the most stubborn skin issues, from acne to wrinkles, helping achieve a flawless, healthy complexion. Using 96 LED lights and 7 color wavelengths to stimulate skin cells, RejuvaBeam™ improves circulation, reduces scarring, calms allergies promotes metabolism, and clears and brightens skin. Experience the confidence-boosting power of a youthful looking complexion.




REJUVENATES SKIN - RejuvaBeam™ stimulates collagen production, and cell renewal, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and oily skin. Enjoy revitalized, radiant, clear skin, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

7 COLORS / 96 LEDs - RejuvaBeam™ features 7 color wavelengths and 96 high-quality, long-life LEDs. Experience the benefits of personalized, salon-quality LED light therapy for improved skin texture and tone.

RejuvaBeam™ - 7 LED Color Wavelengths

SALON QUALITY - Get salon-quality results from the comfort of home thanks to professional-grade LED light therapy. Achieve blemish-free, healthier, more youthful skin while feeling confident and rejuvenated.

TOUCH SCREEN - The touchscreen display features an easy-to-use interface with real-time updates on time, temperature, color, and cycle. Effortlessly tailor the settings to achieve a radiant, glowing complexion.

RejuvaBeam™ - Touch Screen Display

FOLDABLE DESIGN - The compact and foldable design of RejuvaBeam™, combined with its easy setup, is perfect for smaller living spaces. Enjoy a spa-like experience at home without losing valuable storage space.


How to use RejuvaBeam™

How to Use RejuvaBeam™

✳️ Wash face
✳️ Assemble and connect power
✳️ Turn the power on
✳️ Select the time and temperature
✳️ Select the color cycle.
✳️ Put the goggles on and relax


We understand that finding the perfect routine to address embarrassing skin concerns can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing. Suffering from recurring skin problems like wrinkles, acne, dark circles, and uneven skin tone can negatively affect confidence and strain finances. Recent statistics reveal that a substantial percentage of the population, with up to 50 million people affected each year, struggles with persistent skin problems.

RejuvaBeam™ is the perfect solution for achieving a youthful complexion, with its non-invasive and cost-effective approach to targeting stubborn skin issues. 96 LED lights radiate 7 color wavelengths at a 180° angle, thoroughly stimulating skin cells and providing an effective solution for persistent skin problems. Unlock the secret to achieving beautiful skin and experience a healthy and clear, radiant complexion when using RejuvaBeam™.




➡️ Color: White
➡️ Power: 5.76-63.2W (3A)
➡️ LED Lamps: 96
➡️ Material: ABS
➡️ Temp Range: 86°F-176°F (30°C-60°C)
➡️ Time Range: 1-30 minutes


What’s Inside

✳️ LED light therapy device
✳️ Power adapter
✳️ Protective goggles
✳️ Instruction manual
✳️ The secret to healthy skin


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